Here are 9 Business Advantages with Acrylic Laser Machines:

1. Relatively Small Initial Operating Costs

Beyond the price of the machine, which is parsed in point 4, the initial cost of business with this machine is fairly small. You only have 1 staff member (or you may be the owner and staff member) – 1 unit of Acrylic Laser Machine – and 1 unit of computer.

2. Mini-sized machine

This laser engraving Machine is small in size. A small work area makes this machine portable. Small work areas are usually supported by low laser power. This also determines the cheapness of the price of this type of machine.

3. Suitable for Home Based Business

Low operational costs and machine prices, making this type of Laser Machine suitable for Medium-scale businesses.

This Engraving Services Business is suitable for Home Based, because it is classified as Environmentally Friendly. Your hand almost does not touch the material being processed Grafir or Cutting, until the desired shape / pattern is formed.

4. Easy Operation

Operation of this machine is easy, if used on a home business scale. This machine is like a print printer; He followed what the computer ordered. So, even if something is a little difficult, it’s only the mastery of the design software. With a strong intention, about this one you can learn quickly.

5. Engine Prices Are Cheaper Than Other Types

Acrylic Laser Machines are included in the Type of Non-Metal CO2 Laser Machine. Acrylic Lasers are sometimes also called Laser Engravers – Laser Engines that can do Engraving / Carving, as well as Cutting (pattern) designs / designs that have been engravered.

This Acrylic Laser Machine, for small size or portable, is labeled a quite affordable price. Prices are much cheaper than other types of Laser Machines.

6. Cheaper spare parts

Laser machines with lower prices are also supported by cheap spare parts prices too. Buying a trusted and accurate Laser Machine Distributor will ensure the availability of the product as well as the original spare parts.

7. Laser Machine Repair Services Are Widely Available

This Acrylic Laser Machine is actually easy to maintain. As long as you maintain the condition of the room to be free of dust and mildew, and regularly maintain the cleanliness of the lens and lens focus, this machine will last long-term use.

If this machine even breaks, don’t worry! There are many Laser Machine Repair Services available in Jakarta, and or in several other big cities. In this case, make sure you choose Services from Laser Lasers.

8. Cheaper Raw Materials (Acrylic) Prices

Compared to other raw materials, the price of Acrylic Sheet is relatively cheap. For size 92 x 183cm clear sheets for example, with a thickness of 1.5mm.

9. Broad Market

This business is needed continuously. It only takes harder effort at the outset to introduce your business widely. In this case, you can promote your products and services via online. And or, you can make a website to impress your business looking more serious and professional.