Tips for Caring for a Car to Stay Beautiful and Excellent During the Rainy Season

The rainy season can make you waver. Sometimes you will feel anxious if your favorite car must be worn in the rain. On the one hand, if we don’t use it, we will bother ourselves.

Well, I will share tips so that you are not hesitant when you want to bring a car when it rains. By maintaining the vehicle through these tips:

1. Protect Your Car Paint with a Wax or Body Cover

In order to keep your car’s appearance charming on the streets, don’t let the rain water stick too long in the body of your car. To protect it, you can use a layer of wax specifically in the car parts. The coating will keep the car paint from coming into contact with rain water and prevent the formation of rust which results in scratches on the body panel.

If parked outside, make sure your car is covered with a waterproof cover. The cover will keep water away from the body of the car, and the porous cloth will prevent moisture from occurring. Your car will stay dry.

2. Clean the car immediately and intensely

In addition, if your car is exposed to rain and has not been coated with protective wax, clean it immediately. Rainwater contains contaminants that can affect paint. When water evaporates contaminants will leave dirty fillings, which can damage the paint. Clean the underside of the body and body panels splattered with mud because contaminants in the mud cause the metal to rust.

3. Use Bug Deflector

A bug deflector is a strip mounted on the hood of a car to stop bugs and projectiles from crashing into the windshield. You do this by changing the air flow above it. This accessory is usually installed on vehicles whose windshield is not too handsome and vulnerable to debris such as insects, drops of water and gravel. This can be mounted on an SUV or in the deflector window, everyday vehicles, and a car with a male design.

4. Rain Guard / Window Protector

When driving during the rain, sometimes we are confused, want to enjoy the cold air, but are not comfortable with too much wind and water grains that enter the car’s interior. Window deflectors can prevent you from doing that, you can still open the window and stay comfortable. Visors can also prevent the formation of fog, and provide shade or stop too large winds from blowing into the cabin.

5. Protect the Interior from Heat

Maintaining the engine from external factors such as the stinging of the sun is one of the uses of the Hood shields. The insulator hood itself is a paired device that runs on the inside of the hood and is made of materials that can absorb heat. Not only protects the engine from excessive heat, the function of the insulator hood is also related as protection against the hood paint of your car. The heat generated by the engine while working can heat the hood, where the paint is at risk of damage and even peeling because it reacts with the heat.